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Join the Green Mantis Revolution: Invest in a Pure Vegetarian Franchise Opportunity

In the heart of the prestigious Khan Market, Green Mantis is rapidly transforming the vegetarian dining landscape with its innovative plant-forward philosophy . Since its inception in 2021, this all-day Asian dining establishment which is 100% vegetarian, 80% vegan & 200% delicious has become a go-to destination, celebrated for its commitment to locally sourced ingredients and inventive dishes that captivate a diverse clientele.

Guided by the dynamic vision of founders Sahil Garg and Aftab Sidhu, Green Mantis has swiftly risen to prominence in the booming $61.6 billion Asian food market. Amidst an industry witnessing rapid growth, Green Mantis has successfully attracted a broad audience, targeting Asian cuisine enthusiasts, vegetarians, vegans, and adventurous food lovers alike. Remarkably, the restaurant has even won over dedicated non-vegetarians, who praise the exceptional quality and creativity of the dishes. With an average ticket size between INR 1100-1350, Green Mantis offers a premium yet accessible dining experience that appeals to a wide demographic.

“Our vision for Green Mantis was to create a space that not only offers exceptional plant-based cuisine but also promotes a sustainable and mindful dining experience,” says co-founder Sahil Garg. “We believe in the power of locally sourced ingredients and innovative cooking techniques to bring out the best in Asian vegetarian cuisine.”

Poised for growth, Green Mantis is actively seeking franchise partners to expand its footprint across India, and join the Green Mantis franchise revolution. The dedicated expansion team is focused on collaborating with partners who share the brand’s vision and commitment to quality. With an estimated capital expenditure (CapEx) for new outlets ranging from INR 1.5 to 2 crores and a return on investment (ROI) of 18-24 months, Green Mantis presents an attractive investment opportunity in the burgeoning Asian vegetarian dining market and a solid option for investors looking for a pure vegetarian franchise in India. 

Operating from 12 PM to 10:30 PM, Green Mantis offers a seamless and enjoyable dining experience. The restaurant’s minimalist and zen-like interior design enhances the focus on the food, creating a tranquil atmosphere for patrons. This thoughtful approach to ambiance and service is a key factor in the restaurant’s success and customer satisfaction.

Rohit Singh, Founder, CEO Building Brands For Tomorrow ( BBFT) stated “ The demand of Asian food is on the rise, combining it with a 100% vegetarian and 80% vegan, and on the lines of affordability, is the perfect combination that Green Mantis has decoded. It’s just the right product at the right time, and it will prove to be one of the best franchise opportunities present in the sector”


Green Mantis is redefining Asian vegetarian dining in Delhi, blending innovation, quality, and exceptional customer engagement. As the restaurant embarks on its expansion journey, it stands as a shining example of visionary leadership and strategic growth in the F&B industry. For potential franchise partners and investors, Green Mantis represents a promising opportunity to be part of a transformative culinary movement.